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Sad Day for DW…

Hello folks… I have a very sad announcement to make concerning The Dirty Words Radio Show… Erin, Matt and I had a meeting after the show on sunday… And it took me a couple days for this to register enough to make this announcement. The show isn’t going anywhere, ever! So, don’t even be thinking that… However, it’s with a heavy heart that I must let you guys know that Erin will be leaving the show. (And that was one of the hardest things i’ve ever typed). She is getting some HUGE opportunities in radio that will be taking up most of her schedule. Matt and I are very happy for Erin, and love her to death. She’s a true talent with a heart bigger than most. And the radio world is lucky to have her. You’ll be hearing her on the radio soon enough. Only without the F and C words… Erin’s LAST show will be the THIS Saturday for —-> CRITICAL BILL CD Release Party Saturday September 13 @ Macomb Music Theatre (formerly The Emerald) w/sg Pistol Day Parade, It Lies Within, Cadre & Through Our Eyes … Best of luck to you Erin. It’s going to be tough to replace you. -Dirty